Custom Bathroom Remodeling, Lincolnton, NC

When you want long-lasting tile work for your custom bathroom remodeling in Lincolnton, call us at Dave’s Custom Tile.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling
Have you ever wondered how two custom bathroom remodeling projects can look as though they are the same quality, yet one seems to fail in a few short years while the other lasts for a decade or more? The reason is that both a good and poor tile setting can look the same at first. It takes using high-quality setting and backing materials to ensure a lasting tile job. Even two tiles can look the same on the surface yet be different in construction.

When you want long-lasting tile work for your custom bathroom remodeling, call us at Dave’s Custom Tile. We never use substandard materials in order to quote a cheaper job or get a higher profit. We have established a superior reputation in the Lincolnton, NC area over the past 20+ years and nothing is worth risking that, not to mention that we truly care about our customer’s satisfaction.

We are more than happy to schedule a consultation with you, so we can advise you on tile selection and how to spot a quality product so you don’t get stuck with a budget tile. You cannot go by price alone, but there are ways you can tell if you are really getting the quality that you think you are.

Custom bathroom remodeling often involves many different types of tile and installation methods. We have experience with the special attention that each of these types involves, from shower pan installation to proper bathroom grout sealing. When you want a professional job that will still be looking good for many years to come, rely on our team at Dave’s Custom Tile to get the job done right the first time– on schedule and on budget.