Mosaic Tiles, Lincolnton, NC

We have worked with many homeowners in Lincolnton who love the results of their mosaic tiles as a unique accent.

Mosaic Tiles in Lincolnton, NC
Are you planning new tile installation in your home but would like to include something different? There are a lot of options out there when it comes to tile flooring and accents, and if you are interested in adding new tile to your home, you may be looking for a way to add a unique and special accent to your space. At Dave’s Custom Tile, we work with many different types of tile and know the benefits of adding mosaic tiles to your kitchen and bathroom in Lincolnton, NC.

  • Durable – Mosaic tiles are just as durable as other tile while still maintaining their aesthetic qualities. From kitchen backsplashes to tub surrounds, mosaic tiles are made to withstand just about anything.
  • Low Maintenance – You may be concerned that mosaic tiles require extra attention, but they are the perfect accent pieces that require very little maintenance. You can give them a touchup at the same time you clean your other tile surfaces and achieve great, long-lasting results.
  • Design Options – Coming in a variety colors that offer endless design options, mosaic tiles are the perfect addition to any space. You can choose what colors and styles work best for your décor and home design.

At Dave’s Custom Tile, we have worked with many homeowners who love the results of their mosaic tiles as a unique accent. Contact us today to learn more about our custom tile work and how we can give you the space you have been envisioning. We offer reliable, dependable service with great results. Give us a call today!